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Student Recognition Page 


Frontier families: You can help us recognize student achievement and community involvement. To submit a photo and story for the student recognition page, please contact Margie Mitchell at 742-1181 or mitchell_margie@asdk12.org


The “Frontier Way” 

Frontier provides resources in support of your educational values and goals. We offer the greatest level of freedom to choose the curriculum that you want. Need an instructional vendor? At Frontier, you choose the vendor that you want.


Our vision for parent-directed education

One of the primary reasons parents choose to homeschool their children is their belief that they can help each of their children achieve academic excellence. This belief stems from the fact that they are willing and able to give education top priority and that they can build an individualized education program that meets the needs of each child.


Blended learning options

Some of the options available are:

*Attending up to 3 classes at a local ASD school.

*The option to use an online curriculum, ASD iSchool, and virtual classroom learning allows flex time around student’s employment or sports schedule.

*Get a jump start on college! Take courses that earn both high school and college credits simultaneously.

*Include “real world” learning components like internships. Attend coding boot camps or ASD Career Technical Education programs. 

*Become certified. The possibilities seem limitless and there are many examples in media and entertainment, top software (such as Slack, Zoom, G Suite, Microsoft 365, Facebook Blueprint, Google Analytics), 3D modeling /virtual design and construction, lifeguard training and certification, Red Cross swim instructor certification. Frontier will even pay for driver’s ed. 

Additional Benefits:

*Create a learning plan customized to your career path and interests with the flexibility to learn from almost anywhere. 

*Frontier High School students have some control over the pace, place, and daily schedule.


Meet our Principal

Jerry Finkler  is a long-time Alaskan resident with 24 years of experience homeschooling his children. He understands the needs of the area’s homeschooling parents and is committed to providing resources, flexibility and customer service. Retired Principal Scott stated, “We are excited about Frontier’s future. Jerry brings a depth of experience to the table from several important perspectives. He and his wife Shelley have homeschooled their children, and he has worked as both a resource teacher and administrator in a publicly-funded homeschool setting, so he ‘gets it’. Now, Jerry is thrilled to partner with parents to help each Frontier student meet their personal goals.

To learn more about our program, call Jerry at (907) 742-1182.

Email finkler_gerald@asdk12.org


Our Community Partnerships


The Pathway Home – Southcentral Foundation


Arctic Gymnastics Center

Alaska District 1 Little Leagues

Sleeping Lady Coffee Company

STAR, Anchorage

Starbucks, Eagle River

Sylvan Learning of Anchorage