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Business Processes


To process a reimbursement we must have:

Proof of Purchase – (What was purchased? How was it purchased?)

Proof of Receipt – (Was it physically received by the purchaser?)

Proof of Payment – (How was payment made?)

Click on the PDF file to download a complete description of the reimbursement process and the type of items that are eligible for reimbursement. Remember, not all purchases can be reimbursed.

Reimbursements SY19-20.docx Adobe Acrobat document [508.9 KB]


Let us order curriculum and teaching supplies for you!

Placing a requisition with Frontier’s business office via SALTT (our online system) and have the business office order the items. This is the preferred option and avoids the reimbursement process. We order on a daily basis and usually have in-stock items available for issue within a week.

Click on the photo to download a complete description of the requisition process.

Requisitions for Curriculum and Teaching Adobe Acrobat document [472.2 KB]

Instructional Service

Each year Frontier Charter School parents & guardians use Frontier funds to purchase instructional services as part of the overall education plan for their students. Instructional services range from academic courses and tutoring to music, fine arts and PE. ASD policy requires that all for-profit vendors must be paid by ASD accounting.

The process is not as complex as it appears and with the right information up front our families find they have positive relationships with their vendors. Be certain to download instructional services document to help guide you smoothly through the process.

Instructional Service SY19-20.docx Adobe Acrobat document [425.7 KB]

Computer & Technology Reimbursement

Beginning with school year 2010-11 Frontier stopped buying computers for student use and began to reimburse, using a student’s Frontier funds, parent/guardian/student purchase of any brand or style of computer.

Click here for complete computer and technology reimbursement policies:

STUDENT COMPUTER REIMBURSEMENT Adobe Acrobat document [126.2 KB]

Student Fund Account Basics and Purchasing Standards