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Graduates earn a High School Diploma from the Anchorage School District


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AdvancedED Global Standard For Excellence In Education

Frontier has earned full accreditation, through the AdvancEd Accreditation Commission, as a quality  institution for learning. 

Frontier meets the five AdvancED Standards for Quality and engages in a process of continuous innovation and improvement.


What are the benefits of School Business Partnerships? 


Here's what business people and educators report:

  • Business partners become enlightened about the current school environment and are provided the ability to give input into the curriculum.
  • Business partners gain a greater understanding and appreciation of the current educational, social, economic and cultural demands of the contemporary school on students and their families.
  • Business partners witness how school partners responsibly use resources provided through tax dollars, state funding and bonds.
  • Students gain a mentor and/or see adults as positive role models and this builds assets for students that increase odds for success.
  • Business partners see youth in a positive light to counter mostly negative media exposure.
  • Business partners receive the intrinsic satisfaction of knowing they have made a positive and worthwhile difference in the lives of students.
  • Business partners provide students with real world expectations to support the schools, e.g. arrive to class on time; take math classes; respect others.
  • Students gain awareness of current workforce environments and of occupations and career opportunities.
  • Educators gain insight into the current workforce demands/needs that may be applicable to the curriculum they teach.
  • Business partners gain insight into today's youth and the trends and motivations of the future workforce.
  • Business partners provide financial and staff support to the school to develop skills that are 'above average' for entry-level employees.
  • Business partners receive Volunteer/Service Credit that benefits the business, student and community.
  • Business partners have the opportunity to network among their peers in business and schools.
  • Business partners have community partnering opportunities as well as advertising and promotion possibilities.

For more information on becoming a school business partner go to the 
Anchorage School District School Business Partnership 


Frontier's 2017-2018 School Business Partners:


Starbucks Eagle River

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