Frontier's Purpose: "Helping parents help students take responsibility for their learning".
Frontier's Purpose: "Helping parents help students take responsibility for their learning".





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Graduates earn a High School Diploma from the Anchorage School District


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AdvancedED Global Standard For Excellence In Education

Frontier has earned full accreditation, through the AdvancEd Accreditation Commission, as a quality  institution for learning. 

Frontier meets the five AdvancED Standards for Quality and engages in a process of continuous innovation and improvement.



Frontier Charter School is a very diverse program providing the bridge between homeschooled students and formal education. FCS provides qualified instructors and community resources including guidance to parents, books and supplies, online courses, small group classes, university-level classes, one-on-one tutoring, distance learning courses, classes offered by local vendors, and access to facilities as necessary. ASD area schools can also be utilized on a limited basis to facilitate the individualized education of ASD/Frontier students.


The Frontier Learning Profile

An important way Frontier is distinguished from other home school programs in Alaska is through the offering of Learning Profiles for students. This personalized selection of assessments, designed to discover a child's unique learning strengths and challenges, provides parents with a better understanding of how their child learns. Homeschool parents can then select the curriculum that best fits their child's learning style and keeps the child engaged. The Frontier Learning Profile supports our commitment to our mission of assisting parents "to help students take responsibility for their learning." Survey results from parents reveals that the Frontier Learning Profile has positively impacted the home learning environment, and, given parents a tool with which they can customize their required individual learning plans in a more meaningful way.


Free-Ed.Net does not tell you what your learning goals should be and how to achieve them. We simply supply some tools, insights, and opportunities for finding you own way--for experiencing exciting ventures of your choice or design, and engaging with the working world according to your own standards of achievement. So now you see why this site can seem so confusing at first. It is built to encourage individuality instead of conformity. It is a breeding ground for eagles, and not yet another nursery for worker ants. 


Discover Your Passion. Like the love of your life, the passion for your work is a matter of heart and soul, not of mind. You don't find passion in a box, at a seminar, in a book, through aptitude tests, or even by way of most career counselors. True passion is found by exploring a world of unlimited variety and rich in potential. Free-Ed.Net  is a good place to start.


Duolingo offers courses in:

• Spanish

• French

• Italian

• German

• Portuguese

Looking for other courses? Check out our Incubator to see other languages or help start a new one.




The free iTunes U app gives you access to the world’s largest online catalog of free education content from leading institutions — on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. Download the iTunes U app


At Apple, we want to empower educators to help students find their passions. With a complete solution that streamlines the management and distribution of your institution’s devices — from start to finish — you can help students and teachers get up and running quickly. iPad and Mac are easy to set up and manage, opening up a world of resources — all just a tap away




BrainPop -

This award winning resource features easy-to-understand, engaging, animated instructional videos organized by currucular content area.  There is a BrainPop Jr. section specifically for grades K-3, as well as quizzes and games for all levels. 




Entire List of Code.Org Options


People all over the world are learning with Codecademy. Join in now!


Primary - Elementary:


Upper Elementary and Middle School:


High School:


Entire List of Code.Org Options



Frontier Charter School has resources to help you become a self-learner in almost any subject that you can think of. 



Alaska Career Information System



Practice tests to prepare for getting an Alaska learner's permit are available at  (Remember: Frontier student allotments may be used for driving instruction--check first with your advisor.)  


KHAN ACADEMY is working on certification of courses of knowledge mastered. This is all working towards a form of accreditation for knowledge mastery that is different than traditional schools. Frontier students can take advantage of this trend!


LYNDA.COM is merging with linkedin. They are now posting completion certificates of courses finished on to one's linkedin account. Employers can search for a skill set and find you if you have that set.

UNLEASHING a generation of geniuses.


Want to remember everything you'll ever learn? Read THIS article.


Work in the future will fall into these FOUR CATEGORIES


FREE TO FRONTIER PARENTS: LET'S GO LEARN provides innovative online tools to drive long-term, measurable academic success for math and reading.


There are two assessments in the series: a math test and a reading test.  The assessments typically take about 45 minutes per test.  If you choose to have your student participate in this assessment, an extra $300 will be added to your student’s allotment.  To receive the additional allotment, students take the exam three times throughout the year.  The first assessment is completed by September 15, the second by December 15, and the final assessment by April 15. 


We believe these assessments will be a valuable tool for homeschool parents to follow their child's progress throughout the year. To review the test scores after a student takes the assessment, parents log into the ‘parent portal’ on the LGL website and use the student username and password.


For anyone who wants to take this pre/post assessment that we offer families for free, please contact your academic advisor so that they can get you a username and password:


Barbara Brown, 742-1196, or 


Carrie Christenson, 742-2942, or 


Pat Parsch, 742-1182 or


Stuart Yatsko- 742-1190 or


For more information, visit the “Let’s Go Learn” website:




Make a Plan at the Success Center

The Success Center is here to help you with all your college and career needs.




Our friendly College & Career Specialists can assist you with:


  • Career Exploration
  • Career Training Research
  • College & Career Applications
  • Financial Aid Applications, including the FAFSA
  • Scholarship Searches and Portfolios
  • College Enrollment Coaching

Visit a Success Center Location

in Anchorage


*The Success Center in the Dimond Center Mall is on the 2nd level near the movie theatre.

Monday - Thursday

9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. (Appointment only) & 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. (Walk-ins)
Fridays 9:00 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Walk-ins) 


*The Success Center at the UAA One Stop is located in the University Center Mall.

Monday - Friday  11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

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