Frontier's Purpose: "Helping parents help students take responsibility for their learning".
Frontier's Purpose: "Helping parents help students take responsibility for their learning".







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AdvancedED Global Standard For Excellence In Education

Frontier has earned full accreditation, through the AdvancEd Accreditation Commission, as a quality  institution for learning. 

Frontier meets the five AdvancED Standards for Quality and engages in a process of continuous innovation and improvement.


Graduates earn a High School Diploma from the Anchorage School District.


Anchorage School District Click here to visit the A.S.D. website.



Our diverse educators are on a QUEST TO INCREASE academic opportunities and resources for our students to include flexibility for educational travel.


Frontier provides new ways to fashion an ENGAGING EDUCATION  for home school students. Frontier is distinguished from other similar schools in Alaska through the offering of Learning Profiles for students. This supports Frontier’s commitment to its mission of assisting parents "to help students take responsibility for their learning." The results of these diagnostics provide parents with a better understanding of how their child learns. Homeschool parents can select the curriculum that best fits their child's learning style and keeps the child engaged. 


Frontier's program supports the homeschool philosophy that one of the primary reasons parents choose to homeschool their children is their belief that they can help each of their children achieve academic excellence.




Monday - Thursday


1:00-4:00 PM

9/6 - 5/23

at our Eagle River office.

16707 Coronado Rd., E.R. AK




12:00-2:00 PM

9/7 - 5/23

at the Anchorage Sylvan Learning Center

2217 E Tudor Rd, Ste 1A, Anch, AK

Frontier students can prepare for their future at our workshops and career clubs which explore:

  • Career planning that fits the individual
  • Rewarding career paths based on student strengths
  • College and educational options
  • Financial aid and scholarship planning


Frontier students have opportunities to...

  • ​​Earn work credit
  • Earn high school and college credit at the same time
  • Access ASD schools, activities, and sports
  • Focus on the fine arts, music, or physical education
  • Participate in Frontier's science labs, student clubs, math tutoring, and practice ACT or SAT tests
  • Take Driver's Education


Frontier Charter School offers the greatest flexibility to increase academic opportunities and resources for your student.


The entire team at Frontier consists of dedicated professionals. Check out their impressive profiles below - you'll want to get to know them.




Jerry Finkler is a long time Alaskan resident with 20 years of experience homeschooling his children. He understands the needs of the area's homeschooling parents and is committed to providing resources, flexibility and customer service.


Retired Principal Scott stated, "We are excited about Frontier's future. Jerry brings a depth of experience to the table from several important perspectives. He and his wife Shelley have homeschooled their own children, and he has worked as both an advisor and administrator in a publicly-funded homeschool setting, so he 'gets it'." 


Academic Advisors:


Carrie Christenson joined Frontier Charter School in June of 2015. An Alaskan since 1978, she has been in education for over twenty years: twelve of them as an elementary school teacher, six as a middle school special education teacher assistant, and three as an academic advisor at Frontier Charter School. Carrie earned her first BA in Psychology, with a minor in Sociology, from Western Washington University in 1997. Her teaching degree was earned from the University of Alaska Anchorage in 2002. Additionally, Carrie has a Masters Degree in education technology and a graduate certificate in online learning from Northcentral University. She is currently working on her Ed.D. in e-learning from Northcentral University. Working in the field of education, Carrie has been a mentor teacher, a building technology coordinator, a member of the committees that revamped the social studies and language arts curricula, and a student council sponsor. 
In her free time, Carrie enjoys spending time with her husband, Chris, their four children, and numerous pets at their home in Wasilla. She loves to bake, travel, learn about the "latest and greatest" technology gadgets, and read. Carrie is very excited to be part of such an energetic and caring staff at Frontier and looks forward to continuing her work with homeschooling families.


Patricia Parsch, Ed.D, has been working in education for about 40 years and has been with Frontier Charter School since August of 2004. She earned a Bachelors Degree in Emotionally Impaired K-12 education, a minor in Creative Arts, and teaching certification in Elementary Education K-6, in1977, from Western Michigan University.  Dr. Parsch also earned  a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology K-12, in1990, at UAA, and then a Doctorate in Education, in 2011, through California Coast University. Her teaching certification includes endorsements as Highly Qualified in Middle School (LA & Content Areas), and she has obtained certificates and training in several areas including: Teaching Students w/ODD; Anger Management; Using Technology; Resolving Conflicts Creatively; Peer Meditation; Gifted Inclusion; Phonemic Awareness using Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes; and Grief Counseling.

In 2012, Dr. Parsch received a BP Teacher of Excellence award. She served 12 years as an AEA representative, as an Instructional Coach & Mentor, and as a past board member of Art Without Boundaries & Mneme Therapy.


Originally from Attica, Michigan, where she is co-owner of a 109-acre farm, Dr. Parsch has been an Alaska resident since 1981. In her free time, she enjoys running, hiking, and home projects.


Stuart Yatsko joined Frontier Charter School in March of 2015. Stuart's multi-faceted educational background includes degrees in Geography and Biblical Studies and summer institutes in Islam, AP History, and the Quality Schools Model (QSM). Stuart has been teaching, since 2001, exclusively in Alaska.


Originally from Great Falls, Montana, Stuart's travels and cross-cultural experiences span half the globe. He has lived in diverse places such as Cairo, Egypt, and St. Paul Island, Alaska. Stuart is a team player (his background includes playing for the Oregon Ducks and being drafted by the Denver Broncos).  Stuart looks forward to continuing his work here, as part of the Frontier education team, to support students and parents in their academic journeys and pursuits.



Business Manager:


Scott Grant joined Frontier Charter School in July of 2003. He has worked in education for twenty-six years, nineteen in charter schools. He earned a BS in Business Administration from the Oregon State University in 1974.


Mr. Grant is a 35-year resident of Alaska. He has been married to Linda for 45 years; they have two children and eight grandchildren. He is also an Army veteran who served as a combat engineer officer.



Administrative Assistants:


Margie Mitchell joined Frontier Charter School in June of 2003. She has worked in charter schools for seventeen years. Margie was an education major in college and minored in accounting while attending Alaska Pacific University. She has earned the NAEOP (Northwest Association of Educational Opportunity Program) award for continuing her education in the work place and the CEOE (Certified Educational Office Employee Professional - through NAEOP). She also received her Intervention Specialist Certificate in 2003 and her Professional Standards Program Certificate in 2006. 


Margie has lived in Alaska for over 30 years. Married for 36 years to her wonderful husband, they have 3 children whom they adore. Margie loves doing genealogy, gardening, fishing, camping, and puttering around the house on projects.


Lanore Smith joined Frontier Charter School in 2005 and has worked in charter schools for 17 years. Born in Preston, Idaho, Lanore earned a BA in education with a minor in music from Brigham Young University. In 1968, she moved to Alaska to teach and was a classroom teacher for five years. She earned her Intervention Specialist Certificate in 2003 and her Professional Standards Program Certificate in 2006.


Lanore has been married for 50 years; she and her husband have 5 children and 6 grandchildren.


Donna Arms joined Frontier Charter School in July 2016. She has worked in Anchorage School District over twenty years.  Donna has an Associate Degree from National Education Sawyer Campus and a Real Estate Certificate from the State of California.  She has earned the NAEOP (Northwest Association of Educational Opportunity Program) certificate and the CEOE (Certified Educational Office Employee Professional through NAEOP).


In August 1979, Donna arrived in Alaska in time for her sophomore year at West High School where she later graduated in 1982.  She has a daughter and two wonderful grandchildren. Her husband, Robert Arms, recently retired from ASD, was band director at Romig Middle school. Mr. Arms received three golds with his jazz, symphonic, and super band. Additionally, five individual students brought home an outstanding performance award, in California, in 2016. 

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