...helping parents help kids take personal responsibility for their learning! ...helping parents help kids take personal responsibility for their learning!

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AdvancedED Global Standard For Excellence In Education

 Frontier has earned full accreditation as quality institution with the AdvancED Accreditation Commission.

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Review team recommends accreditation through 2019 and comments on powerful practices.

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Chartered in 2003. Charter renewed by State of Alaska through 2023!!!

Locally owned

welcome to homeschool in ALASKA

Frontier Charter School serves full-time homeschooling families in the Anchorage School District. We are "locally owned" in that this is an ASD charter granted the responsibility and freedom to be responsive to the needs of our homeschooling families. Local charter schools are created to offer flexibility that you may not have with another program.


we believe in you

Frontier’s program supports the homeschool philosophy that one of the primary reasons parents and guardians choose to homeschool their children is their belief that they can help each of their children achieve academic excellence. This belief stems from the fact that they are willing and able to give education top priority and that they can build an individualized learning plan that meets the needs of each child. Frontier parents want the best for their children. At Frontier we recognize the effective role of the family in the formation of a child.Our board members and principal are homeschool parents and guardians. We have caring faculty members who esteem the role of parents and guardians in the education of their children. Together, we want to provide resources and support that is responsive to your needs.

community oriented

community enriched and engaged

Homeschool can powerfully promote both family and community life - homeschool parents can do both. Frontier parents and guardians foster community collaboration by engaging students in the enrichment of civic and community life in our local and national communities. That's how we form capable people, fashion future leaders, and basically integrate our "independent learners" into our society before they leave middle school! Unlike any other child, homeschooled children are socialized and educated out in the community. They relate and learn well with children and adults of all ages. Consider the many ways that our children learn. Frontier Charter School offers accredited on-line courses and a wide variety of homeschool options for the traditional homeschool student. The flexibility of homeschooling in the Anchorage School District provides a quilt work of alternative educational models in one child's individual learning plan (ILP). Those models can include a balance of child-led, interest-based learning, a class or two at the neighborhood school, cooperative teaching arrangements between parents, commercial learning centers, subject-specific tutors and apprenticeships.  Children grades 7-12 take secondary education classes offered by colleges throughout the land (BYU, Stanford University Online High School, University of Nebraska-Lincoln High School, more). Our students choose online classes with ASD Apex, Keystone, K12, North Dakota Center for Distance Learning and Williamsburg Academy. Our high school students routinely take college level classes at APU or UAA and seek apprenticeships in the community. Find out more about our learning philosophy and get to know our staff. Together we "help parents, help kids, take personal responsibility for their learning".


Frontier will provide qualified academic advisors and community resources including guidance to parents, books and supplies, online courses, tutoring, distance learning courses, classes offered by local vendors, and access to facilities as necessary. A student allocation is provided to fund this variety of resources. Frontier is pleased to announce an increase to our student allotments for the current 2014-2015 school year. *Students who participate in "Let's Go Learn" can receive an additional 300. per student:

K-4       1800 / 2100*

5-8        2100 / 2400*

9-12      2800 / 3100*


Give your child an even better opportunity to experience success. Frontier’s niche in the homeschool community is that we offer to assess every child’s unique patterns of learning through the Frontier Learning Profile. The Frontier Learning Profile consists of a series of assessments based on the most up-to-date brain research that helps parents understand how their child learns. A learning profile is a map or picture of an individual’s unique patterns of noticing and taking in information, processing and organizing it and operation with it in three domains - the cognitive or intellectual, the emotional and the volitional or will (values).

tailor-made for each child

Frontier fosters an education that is "child-centered" and "tailor-made". Every child has exciting potential to learn but no two children learn alike. It is one of the most marvelous opportunities in life, to discover the unique worldview of each child. Too seldom do educators really listen to children. Through intelligent awareness, observing, listening and assessment we can learn much about the potential ability and achievement levels of children. Through listening and observing children functioning in different situations we can begin to understand the uniqueness of each individual. As their current patterns are understood we can help the students become aware of these and facilitate their growth. In this way homeschool teachers will be better able to create relevant learning plans that meet the specific needs of each child.

benefit from our entrepreneurship

Frontier students get to partake of the newly developed software ...

This is one of the most exciting accomplishments of Frontier Charter School staff. Over a decade in the making, SEER*Educate is revolutionizing cancer registrar training around the world… and it all started with an idea and software developed and originated by staff at Frontier Charter School – S.A.L.T.T., the Student Aptitude Learning Tracking Tool!


S.A.L.T.T. is Frontier’s integrated academic and business management software solution for homeschool families.   Frontier built it for growth. It has the potential to do what most teachers and parents wish they could do: track individual student progress in mastering standards and have, at their fingertips, access to instructional resources including assessments, that best meet a student's unique strengths. Parents and teachers desperately want to be able to focus instruction. Available in one location: S.A.L.T.T. is able to record individual pieces of data that fit together and bring into focus each student's educational “picture”.


While in conversations with Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Cancer Surveillance System (CSS) team regarding a possible school business partnership, the topic of workforce training and development came up. CSS Director of Information Services, Mary Potts lamented that the traditional training of new cancer registrars had been through extensive one-on-one training and on-the-job work that was reviewed by experienced registrars. This is an outdated and expensive training methodology. Frontier officials believed that the standards-based education and assessment model aligned with online tools (S.A.L.T.T.) used and developed at Frontier could be extended into the business setting.


Knowing that they were already going to overhaul their training program, CSS sent two training team members, Mary Potts and Jennifer Hafterson, to Anchorage to learn how a standards-based education process and assessment methodology could be implemented. Frontier staff worked with the CSS team to help them see the potential of standards-based training and assessment in the CSS workplace and the software solution to manage it all. Four years from that initial conversation in 2010 and over ten years after Frontier staff created the original entity–relationship design (ERD) with Scott Bacon from ThreeShapes.com software solutions, SEER*Educate is going world-wide.


SEER*Educate is a fully developed version of S.A.L.T.T. for the cancer research industry. It is a comprehensive training platform that is tailored specifically for cancer registry professionals to improve technical skills through applied testing on the latest coding guidelines and concepts. It is free and funded by the National Cancer Institute for use by registrars in hospitals and central registries to promote quality data collection.


Frontier students even get to partake of the newly developed software! The content that Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center developed and placed on SEER*Educate is freely available to any student.  Whether students are at traditional brick and mortar schools, charter schools, online schools, or being homeschooled, they can use the assessments on SEER*Educate to measure their understanding and retention of the medical terminology, and later this summer, anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology.  These are college-level assessments that college students and advanced placement high school students can use.  Students also have access to the specialized training areas and the practical application assessments for cancer registry professionals. 


Future Careers!!…The community benefits by having their students actively engaged in science and technology, while the students increase their awareness of career opportunities in health care.  Students interested in science but who do not want to become doctors or nurses can learn about cancer registration and other health information management careers. There is a current and projected shortage of cancer registrars.  Students who pursue a career in cancer registration will never lack employment opportunities.


The pairing of Frontier Charter School and Fred Hutchinson, a not-for-profit cancer research center, created a partnership committed to helping students achieve a higher level of scholastic performance and assist trainees and current employees improve current job performance.  This commitment resulted in the development of the training and reporting platform that allows participants to assess their level of understanding essential subject matter in selected areas and job readiness for those pursuing careers in cancer registration.   

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